How to Obtain Tickets and Support the CEC

Tickets are distributed the day of the concert in front of the Wilbanks from 9:30-11:30 and at the door prior to the concert if not sold out.

A donation of $10 is suggested per person for each concert. This is a requested donation only.


Please support the future of classical music at Pelican Cove by becoming a Benefactor. Donations of $100 or more per person will insure the continuation of our high quality performances.

Benefactors receive the following benefits:

• a season pass good for all six or seven concerts;

• seats in a reserved section of the auditorium, available up to 15 minutes prior to the performance;

• the avoidance of obtaining tickets for each performance;

• an invitation to an after-concert meet-the-artist reception;

• satisfaction that you are helping to sustain classical music for our community.


The Cultural Events Program is self-supporting through generous donations. To that end we encourage residents to:

• fully or partially sponsor a concert ($500 to $3000),

• sponsor an artist reception ($400) or support us with a donation of any amount.

Checks for Benefactors or any other donations should be made out to:

• "Joel Leonard, Treasurer", with "Cultural Events" on the memo line.
    Please indicate your seating preference of 4:30 or 7:30

• Please place your donation checks in an envelope labeled Cultural Events and place in our box at the PC office.

• You may become a benefactor or sponsor by debit/credit card or paypal by using the Donate link bellow.

email us your preference for the 4:30 or 7:30 performance

These programs are produced by the Cultural Events Concert Group. The CEC Group consists of resident volunteers who select artists, establish performance fees, schedule events produce publicity and collect donations to produce first rate financially independent programs. Except for some minor administrative costs, all proceeds and donations are used for performer’s fees. We do not pay for hall rental, printing of programs and flyers, publicity and overhead. Your donations are greatly appreciated and will be appropriately acknowledged.

Volunteers are always welcome and needed. Volunteers are needed to help set up, distribute flyers, Usher and assist with receptions.
Please join us by contacting us through email:

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us.

Concert Producers
Elizabeth Borsodi, Rhonda Liss, Joel Leonard, David Feltus,
Cynthia Wolloch, Gary Wolkstein, JoAnne Moran, Brooke Jaron,
Wylie Crawford, Adrienne Silverstein, Lee Berkowitz, David Saffer,
Joyce Rosenthal, Helene Crawford, Nanette Stenholm, Felice Yager